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We are passionate about helping Australians earn more interest on their cash investments by providing an easy and secure platform to invest online. Our focus is term deposits and at call accounts and our cash management platform simplifies the process of choosing your preferred investment option, comparing rates, investing and switching between banks to manage your cash investments. With collective backgrounds in technology, financial services, e-Commerce and marketing, we have developed an online platform to transform the way consumers and financial advisers manage cash investing in Australia.


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Cashwerkz Group information

The Cashwerkz Limited group of companies, including Cashwerkz Technologies Pty Ltd, Cashwerkz FI Ltd and Trustees Australia Limited, delivers an innovative online cash management marketplace in term deposit and at call accounts. Under the umbrella of the Cashwerkz group is Bond income, Australia's newest bonds business providing greater access to corporate bonds for wholesale investors (see more at www.bondincome.com.au). Cashwerkz Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CWZ) and the group is headquartered in Australia.


Cashwerkz Technologies Pty Ltd (Cashwerkz Technologies) leverages the latest technology to deliver an innovative and streamlined approach to investing in term deposits, at call and bonds. Meeting the growing demand for a trusted, reliable and secure online platform direct investors and financial professionals can manage their defensive assets and transact cash investments seamlessly.

Cashwerkz FI Ltd (formerly known as RIM Securities) was established 14 years ago, and is the fixed income specialist arm of Cashwerkz Limited with a reputation for finding and delivering income solutions. Investors come to our trading desk for custom solutions or access to wholesale markets across cash, term deposits, fixed bonds and floating rate notes.



Set up by Cashwerkz FI Ltd (ABN 86 111 273 048 AFSL 283119) and Cashwerkz Limited (ABN 42 010 653 862 AFSL 260033), Bond income provides greater access to corporate bonds, for wholesale investors (certified by their Accountants) and eligible Australians including Financial Advisers and Investment Policymakers.

With fair and competitive pricing, investors can enjoy:

  • Access to global fixed income markets including foreign exchange capability.
  • Over the counter and ASX listed debt security execution.
  • Access to new issues from a broad suite of issuers (Investment grade, sub-investment grade and non-rated issues).
  • In-house bond market commentary provided by Bond income’s team of specialists.
  • Unbiased and leading market research from external provider, BondAdviser.

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Trustees Australia Limited changed its company name to Cashwerkz Limited and adopted a new ASX ticker code of CWZ on 23 May 2019.

Established in 1987, Trustees Australia Limited provides a range of responsible entity, trustee and custodial services to fund managers and investors requiring bespoke solutions.


Working together to give you more choice

As a group, we have over 13 years specialised industry experience and can help you take control of your defensive assets and make the right cash investment to suit your needs. Through innovative technology and a team of knowledgeable defensive asset experts, we empower investors to make their own decisions and take charge of their cash investments. The transparency and security of the Cashwerkz online marketplace allows investors to seamlessly manage their cash investment portfolio, at every stage of investing.

Our values

Your simple and secure online platform for cash investments.



We want our cash management platform to work simply and seamlessly so you can free up time to spend on what’s most important to you. We are always working to improve our service and welcome your feedback, please contact us to make a suggestion.



We recognise the trust you are placing in us and take this responsibility very seriously. We enforce the strictest security measures to protect your personal information, you can learn how in our security statement.

Choice & Transparency


With full transparency of the investment process, and access to a range of banks and defensive assets in one place, you can now decide what you do with your money and when.

Choice. Transparency. Security




The Board and Key Management Personnel

  • Jon Lechte

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Matthew Loughnan

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • John Nantes


  • Brook Adcock


  • Craig Swanger


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