Cashwerkz and BNK partner to provide more choice to Australian investors

Cashwerkz partner with BNK Bank to provide more choice for Australian investors


Built on the foundations of trust, and with a growth mindset from the outset, Cashwerkz is delighted to partner with BNK Bank to provide more choice to Australian investors. Formally known as Goldfields Money, BNK is nothing short of experienced with its roots firmly planted 37 years ago within the Australian market. By combining extensive banking experience, with the latest technology, it’s BNK’s aim to change the way Australians bank for the better.

Cashwerkz Partners with BNK Bank

“It’s our mission to continue to innovate within the cash investment space. Our focus is on making investing easier for all Australians. We want to provide access to competitive rates and empower Australians to invest their money in the brands they believe in and trust. A partnership with BNK is yet another step on our journey, and we’re passionate about partnering with the BNK’s of the world – creating a better banking experience for all,” said Hector Ortiz, CEO.

BNK’s term deposits offer competitive market rates and are government-guaranteed up to $250,000 through the Financial Claims Scheme. While Cashwerkz and BNK partner, BNK is looking forward to providing more choice to investors nationwide.

Take a look at the BNK rates available to you on the Cashwerkz marketplace here.

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