Cashwerkz Marketplace Updates Interest Rates for Australians as they Hunt for Better Returns

Cashwerkz Marketplace Updates Interest Rates for Australians as they Hunt for Better Returns

Cashwerkz unique online cash marketplace model now crucial to delivering market competitive interest rates for Australian investors with At Call and Term Deposit solutions from 51 Banks – Investors can earn from 0.85% up to 1.61% more than the RBA cash rate. Cashwerkz never touches the investor’s money, funds are always transferred from their bank account to their new At Call or Term Deposit account using the Cashwerkz secure identification and verification platform.

Sydney 16 March 2020 – Cashwerkz (ASX: CWZ), the leading online platform in Australia uniquely designed for cash investing today re-affirmed its commitment to achieving better cash investment outcomes for Australians. Cashwerkz encourages competition, and higher yields with transparent daily offerings from 51 Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (ADI).

Highlighted market rates:

  • Business At Call – 1.60% maximum rates (0.75% standard variable rate)*
  • SMSF At Call – 1.70% (0.95% standard variable rate)*
  • Cash Management Account – 1.35% maximum rate (1.15%)*
  • 90 Day Term Deposit – 1.9% per annum*
  • 4-year Term Deposit – 2.0% per annum*
  • Personal At Call – 2.11% maximum rate (1.05% standard variable rate)*

Cash investments up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the Federal Government, and Cashwerkz never touches investor’s money – delivering an added privacy and security benefit.

For Katherine Sadler, Group Head of Marketing for Cashwerkz: “Competition is more important than ever. With the cash rate dropping to a historic low and ongoing uncertainty in global equity markets, competitive returns above 0.5% can make a crucial difference to a savings or retirement strategy. This is particularly important for retirees facing a sustained low-interest-rate environment.”

“Last year, we experienced a doubling of investor placements on the Cashwerkz platform. And we know our ADI partners are offering above market rates that are adding value. Today 79% of our investors return to re-invest with our ADI partners. Over the past few days and particularly in the last 24 hours we have watched many Australians visit the Cashwerkz marketplace to deliver market competitive rates as they look for better yields for their cash investments,” she said.

Cashwerkz is a competitive marketplace for investors and advisers seeking competitive rates in one place underpinned with a federal government guarantee for investments up to $250,000, a transparent, efficient and secure environment backed up by regular reports that can support investments within 3-clicks at

Cashwerkz continues to build out its innovative, user-friendly marketplace with strategic banking and ADI partners to deliver upon its goal – market competitive rates supporting the best interests of everyday Australians.


Further Details

*Rates as at 16 March 2020, and are subject to change at any time.

For additional company information or media enquiries, please contact: Katherine Sadler Group Head of Marketing, Cashwerkz 0457 562 645 Email: [email protected]

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