Coronavirus and cash investments

In volatile times, investors may begin to look at more defensive assets, like cash investments, to add to their portfolios. You may have heard these terms before, but for those unfamiliar with cash investments, what does this actually mean?

While coronavirus spreads and infects our markets at the speed of a sneeze and affect us all in an unprecedented way, investors may begin to look towards more conservative investment solutions.

Cash investment has the lowest market risk and potential for loss. While cash can protect against negative returns, traditionally its value does not usually increase over time and with todays very low-interest-rate environment, the level of income is also low.

But, importantly, this is where Cashwerkz comes into play.

As a leading financial technology company providing solutions in the cash investment space, we work with our 51 banking and credit union partners to provide our investors with competitive rates in both term deposits and at call accounts.

The rates we provide here are above the cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia, providing investors with a better choice in finding the appropriate rate and term for them.

What is a term deposit?

“A term deposit is a fixed-term investment, allowing investors to preserve their capital while making a fixed interest on their money invested. Terms usually range from anywhere between 3 months to 5 years, and investors may only regain their capital after the term expires.” (Investopedia)

Cashwerkz offers market competitive rates above the rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia, creating more attractive cash investing landscape when investors place Term Deposits.

What is an at call account?

“At call accounts differ from term deposits in their constitution. Investors place funds at varying rates, and the at call investment product allows the advantages of a savings and checking account. While funds gain interest at fluctuating rates, investors are able to withdraw their cash at any time as there is no fixed term.” (Investopedia)

Cashwerkz works with its 51 banking and credit union partners to provide market competitive rates in At Call Accounts.

History has shown that sticking to a long-term plan in investment, is a well-practised and often advantageous way of reaching retirement or self-managed-super-fund goals.

The Cashwerkz marketplace provides competitive rates in at call and term deposits.

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