Driving the future of Australia’s leading marketplace for cash investment

Cashwerkz CTO, Peter Whitfield, has been busy innovating and driving the future of Australia’s leading marketplace for cash investment with a range of exciting new projects. His team are now focusing on adding new features to the marketplace to better support the unique needs of large adviser networks, as they endeavour to support their client’s cash investing needs.

Newly added features to the Cashwerkz marketplace will provide greater flexibility – perfectly suited for adviser groups that are complex in nature and require multi-layer access controls for advisers, associates and everyone across their network. We are increasing the transparency, choice and security of the Cashwerkz technology solution.

“This may seem a simple scenario where advisers only have access to their client’s information and not anyone else’s, or an associate may need transparency into multiple adviser-client lists. Other options may need two advisers needing to support one investor, and this means our platform will cater for this,” Peter outlined.

“We are taking our platform to a place where we can support a wide range of market segments, all of whom have different needs. From small advisory firms that need more technology support to larger advisory firms with more complex structures and process requirements – our goal is to be the right fit for advisory firms and networks of any size,” he said.

Creating the future for Australia’s leading marketplace for cash investment with smart APIs

API integration increasing the streamlining and speeding up of the cash investment experience is on the radar for Australia’s neo-banks.

“Neobanks are an interesting look at the future. We are having some fascinating conversations with Neobanks as they look to go entirely digital – no paper, everything online, full integrations with APIs.”

Technology Development during COVID-19

“We have some well-established tools and techniques for managing software development remotely, and it is this aspect which is supporting our productivity during COVID-19. In fact, the team is so focused I would even say our productivity has improved.”

“It is much easier to work from home these days. Building and operating a remote and highly functional team can be done, and we’ve proven it is being done. We have incorporated video conferencing meetings into our morning and afternoon stand-ups, and this transparency is helping us communicate. I can see when someone needs to add something and technology like this has made a big difference.”

While the team is missing its day-to-day social interaction and face to face innovative brainstorming sessions – plans are already in place to replace remote innovation brainstorming sessions with in-office meetings.

“Brainstorming and knowledge sharing is crucial for our team and our goals. We are putting plans in place to head back into the office when no-one else is there and take over the boardroom for a session on innovation. The team can’t wait.”

The ongoing development work is still being managed at a fast pace. “We are doing really well from a productivity perspective. The team isn’t just managing everything really well, but succeeding and exceeding at this time!”

We assist the following customers:

  • SMSFs
  • Direct Investors
  • Financial Advisers
  • Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • Not for Profits
  • Custodians and Wholesale Investors

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