Investment Offers

The Experts in Defensive Assets

Whatever your defensive assets needs are, Cashwerkz and its group of companies are well placed to provide you with access to a range of income solutions.

Cashwerkz has in-house access to specialised industry experts in RIM Securities and RedGate Asset Management to offer bonds, annuities, and other defensive assets in addition to an existing range of term deposits and cash management accounts.

Savings Boosters

Give your savings a boost with these products which are virtually no risk, offer a guaranteed return and are available through the banks you know and trust.

Deposits up to $250,000 made with APRA regulated Authorised Banks, are guaranteed by the Government.

Term Deposits

Gain access to a range of term deposits from an extensive selection of Australian banks and financial institutions. You can choose the length of your investment period
and the interest rate your investment will earn at maturity.

2.70% $50,000 min 3 Months
2.85% $50,000 min 6 Months
2.85% $50,000 min 12 Months

Cash Management Accounts

A cash management account is an account held with a financial institution that allows you to manage your cash transactions through one portal.

0.45% $10,000 min

At Call & Notice accounts

These are similar to term deposits but with the exception of having a fixed term. Your Deposit is placed with a financial institution and get access to that money by giving a certain period notice – which is usually at least 31 days.

2.05% $2,000 min

Portfolio Diversifiers

Think outside the box when it comes to fixed income investments. 


A debt investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (corporate or governmental) that borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate.

4.60% $500,000 min

Small Parcel Bonds

Australian Wealth Managers are now able to access the direct bond market for their clients, without the high minimum investment threshold previously required, starting at $50,000.

2.80% $50,000 min

Best of both worlds

These are opportunities with our partners which offer a higher rate of return and are still classified as defensive assets.

Third Party Opportunities

We are continuously seeking defensive assets that help diversify your fixed income portfolio, including managed funds.


Custodial Services

Cashwerkz, through it’s parent company Trustees Australia Ltd, offers custodial services for investors who wish to place their investments in safe custody on their behalf.

Risk vs Reward - Defensive Assets

Defensive assets provide stability, the ability to plan your cash flow and the benefits of liquidity. They are low risk and less volatile than growth investments.

As a general investing rule, its best to have 5-15% of your wealth invested in a stable and conservative cash flow environment.



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