At Cashwerkz we enforce the strictest levels of security to safeguard your money

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Every term deposit (TD) or investment you buy is always made in your name and owned by you. Funds are transferred directly from your bank to the bank of choice for your investment and are never held by Cashwerkz.

All the banks, building societies and credit unions listed on the Cashwerkz site are covered by the Government bank deposit guarantee up to $250,000 per account-holder per ADI. This is also commonly referred to as the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).

Users can trust Cashwerkz with personal and confidential information as we use the latest security standards and technologies to ensure your privacy is maintained.

To ensure the integrity and security of data we commit to a number of security controls as follows:

  • All data held by Cashwerkz is fully encrypted and held within the Australian jurisdiction.
  • All data sent between your computer and Cashwerkz is encrypted using TLS encryption.
  • All passwords are securely hashed before being stored on encrypted disk.
  • Customer data is protected by implementing session time-out’s and locking accounts after repeated failed login attempts.
  • Cashwerkz conduct regular third-party security audits to ensure security of systems and data.
  • Cashwerkz is an ASIC regulated company holding an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 459645) for more info please refer to our Financial Services Guide.