Set and forget… A Self Managed Super nightmare

SMSF’s are an ever-growing marketplace with up to one third of superannuation assets currently being held in SMSF accounts. *

Despite Self Managed Funds being essentially a sophisticated tax structure for investments, many funds primarily invest in only three asset classes – cash, shares (managed funds), and property.

The smaller the fund, the greater the weighting to cash assets, with the weighting ranging from, 33.4% for funds with a balance $200,000-$500,000, through to 27.3% for funds with a balance between $1 – $2 million. *

What does your fund look like?
It might be time to review your investments and make sure that your fund does not have substantial amounts of cash assets sitting dormant and not working hard for you.

There are several perfectly valid reasons why you might have a considerable amount of cash within your SMSF:

  • Cash can provide security, protecting against market downturn.
  • You might need liquid assets for income in retirement. Having enough cash available can stop you having to sell under-valued assets at the bottom of the market.
  • You might be averse to risk in your portfolio.
  • You need ready access to cash due to upcoming expenses or investments, such as an investment purchase or future pension payments.
  • Your fund is simply not actively managed, and funds have redeemed in cash and remained there.
  • You are attempting to ride out market volatility and “time” the market. i.e. you are looking to buy investments cheaply and sell down these assets when needed and when the price us high.

If cash is an important part of your funds’ portfolio, a “set and forget” approach could prove disastrous. Even if the timeline is limited, for example 12 months, there is still the opportunity to seek better investment outcomes for your cash.

Without proactively seeking the best product in the market to securely place your cash, the return that your fund earns might struggle to even keep pace with inflation!

What you need is a way to actively manage your cash investments, and access great rates. You need an innovative technology solution which will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let someone else take care of the paperwork and administration.

Take back control of the cash in your fund and seek the solution which best suits your needs.

Cashwerkz is a simple and secure online marketplace to transact and manage cash investments. The Cashwerkz platform enables you to secure the best return for your money available in the market. If you are going to hold cash in your fund, you might as well make it work hard for you.

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 * Source: SMSF Statistics July 2016



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