Updated ADI Position on the Platform


As a follow on to the recent successful $10M capital raising by Trustees Australia / Cashwerkz (announced on ASX dated 24 September 2018) the Company provides an update on the ownership position of the Company and the Australian Deposit-Taking Institutions (ADIs) position on the Cashwerkz Platform for the information of the market.

Blue Ocean Equities professionally managed the Placement to institutional and sophisticated investors as sole Lead Broker to the issue. Prior shareholder approval was in place for the Company to make this Placement up to $10,000,000.

There were 84 separate new subscribers to the Placement including several high profile investors. The new subscribers in total account for 36.7% of the total shares on issue post the Placement.

Directors and their related entities hold 61.8 million shares or 45.5% of the total capital in the Company post the Placement.

The entry of new investors and the injection of new capital creates a significant opportunity for the Company, which follows a major refocus by management and the directors over the last two years with the assessment, acquisition and integration of Cashwerkz in August 2017.

The success of Cashwerkz now positions the Group to further grow its strong foothold in the professional and institutional investment and management of term deposits placed with Australian Deposit-Taking Institutions.

Hector Ortiz, CEO stated, “Cashwerkz has now moved to 13 ADI’s on the Platform already and I expect that to grow to close to 20 by the end of this calendar year. This will further assist users of the Platform to gain access to leading competitive interest rates with extreme efficiencies, creating a very unique fintech marketplace for deposit making and an efficient source of funding for ADI’s. Cashwerkz will further expand the product offering to include At Call accounts in the near future and will update accordingly”.

The groundwork undertaken during 2017 and 2018 has built a powerful momentum, which is currently accelerating the acceptance of Cashwerkz by these diverse sectors as a powerful and useful management tool that provides transparency and efficiency. Cashwerkz will shortly provide an update on the FUM on the Platform as it accelerates its sales pipeline and targets a particular milestone.


Top 20 Shareholders

Registered Holder Total Holding Total Holding [%]
1 Adcock Private Equity Pty Ltd 8,717,198 28.463%
2 Costine Pty Ltd 5,771,930 11.595%
3 Arrakis Nominees Pty Ltd 10,000,000 7.352%
4 Merrill Lynch (Australia) Nominees Pty Limited 5,000,005 3.676%
5 BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd 4,995,000 3.672%
6 Evelyn Anderson 4,921,559 3.618%
7 John Nantes 4,499,496 3.308%
8 Prowerkz Pty Ltd 3,534,051 2.598%
9 National Nominees Limited 3,300,000 2.426%
10 G & N Nominee Services Pty Ltd 3,218,048 2.366%
11 Pershing Australia Nominees Pty Ltd 3,000,000 2.205%
12 Safari Capital Pty Ltd 3,000,000 2.205%
13 Mikko Constructions Pty Ltd 2,878,880 2.116%
14 RACT Super Pty Ltd 2,275,000 1.672%
15 One Managed Investment Funds Ltd No 1 2,171,709 1.597%
16 The Trustees for Elizabeth Mersh SMSF 1,877,962 1.381%
17 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 1,688,800 1.242%
18 Myall Resources Pty Ltd 1,550,000 1.139%
19 One Managed Investment Funds Limited No 2 1,250,000 0.919%
20 One Managed Investment Funds Limited No 3 1,200,000 0.882%
Total Securities of Top 20 114,849,638 84.433%
Total of Securities on Issue 136,025,329 100.00%



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