Three Fundamental Steps

What should I do with my money? How do I start?

Forget fancy financial investment firms, you are capable of managing your own money!

Start by committing to wealth, find the right Fintech tools, protect your core wealth, and you are on your way.  Every digitally connected person can access tools that help maximise wealth although some fundamental steps must come first.

Step one is attitudinal. Make a genuine commitment. Your life is your responsibility and you are digitally empowered. The commitment to invest a portion of your income regularly is an essential first step.

Personal confidence will grow each month, so set realistic wealth goals and stick to them. It’s fun! And we promise there is no greater satisfaction as when you hit those goals.

Step One – invest part of your earnings each month.

How do market conditions affect my investment outcome?

Record low interest rates have come with some gloomy economic forecasts, much of which has led to scaremongering in the media.  Financial market news should be put in perspective, for the media fuels gloom to attract viewership.

Will the S&P500’s stellar growth come to an end? Is Europe going to continue to stagnate or can debt levels in China cause a crisis? (1) Nobody really knows what will happen. What about property. And shares? Which is best for my money?

Uncertainty can be stressful. And although we can’t tell you which is best for you, we can tell you which is safest for your money.  A core investment in Australian bank deposits (also known as term deposits) removes the worry. Australian bank deposits are amongst the safest in the world.  In fact, all deposits up to $250,000 with an APRA regulated Australian Bank (that’s more than 30 banks) is covered by the Government Guarantee (2).

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is responsible for setting the general level of interest rates with the aim of preserving the value of our currency and maintaining employment. Interest rates are low to support employment growth. Fortunately, the RBA has the integrity to warn users that their forecasts are fallible (3).

Conditions are tricky for investors today, and they will be tricky tomorrow, for every generation experiences its own challenge. That is where personal courage enables an investor to stick to their plans.

Step two – nobody can predict the future, so maintaining a portion of your wealth in the safety of Australian bank deposits is prudent.

Do I really need to diversify my portfolio?

Yes, diversification is a fundamental part of investing though it has little to do with the complicated sort espoused by finance professors in textbooks or the fund management sector.

The solution is much more simple.

  • Keep a portion of your wealth in growth assets (e.g. shares) and a sensible portion in defensive assets for certainty. Defensive assets are investment options which offer a a fixed and stable return, Australian bank deposits are a perfect example.
  • You can spread your bank deposits across a range of banks and maturity dates with the aim of maximising the overall interest rate while maintaining certain access to your money for when it is needed.

Your deposit allocation is part of a resilience strategy. Bank deposits bring certainty and reliability to the portion of your portfolio that has to remain 100% secure even under crisis conditions.

None of this means neglecting earnings – the obligation to maximise earnings for a given level of risk remains unchanged. FinTech applications enable you to move your money to the banks that respect your money the most, all with a few keystrokes.

A stable investment income stream builds self-esteem.

Step three – you owe it to yourself to use digital tools to maximise earnings – it’s easy and saves time.

‘Fintech’ is a trending buzzword in the financial world and provides a number of great digital tools which help managing your finances easier. Cashwerkz is the perfect application to research, invest and manage all your defensive assets on an innovative and secure online platform.  Providing full transparency of the investment process, and access to a range of banks and defensive assets in one place, you can take charge by becoming the treasurer in your life.

Protect your money and make it work hard by using the best digital tools for managing your cash.

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(1) IMF Global Financial Stability Report – October 2017


(3) Uncertainty, Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, The Reserve Bank of Australia – October 2017



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