Volt Bank joins the Cashwerkz platform

Australians will have even more choice for deposit investments with Volt Bank joining the Cashwerkz platform

Cashwerkz Limited (ASX: CWZ), the leading online platform in Australia uniquely designed for cash investing, today announced an exciting new alliance with neobank, Volt. 

Australian investors will soon be able to compare Volt deposit rates in real-time in the Cashwerkz secure online marketplace. With Australia’s first three-click technology for easy deposit investing online, Cashwerkz delivers a truly digital identification process and supports a more efficient rollover switching process at maturity. 

By joining the Cashwerkz online marketplace, Volt will be able to extend its deposit facilities beyond Volt Bank customers to direct investors and financial professionals searching for a wider range of options and market competitive interest rates for cash investments in real-time.

“Investors love the transparency of the Cashwerkz platform,” said John Nantes, Executive Chair, Cashwerkz. “It is an easy way to search for competitive market rates and it helps streamline the administration and smooth roll-over of your cash investment. The Cashwerkz platform is simple to use, provides a wide range of rates and more choice for investors and you can be confident the rates on the platform are the most market competitive term deposit rates available.”

Nantes continued: “We feel our solution is a great match for Volt’s approach to banking. It’s really a natural extension for Volt’s digitally led approach and ethos on helping customers find a better deal. As an added bonus the Cashwerkz platform will also introduce many direct investors to Australia’s first neobank for the first time. This is something we are proud of,” he said.

“Our partnership with Cashwerkz helps us deliver on our goal of being transparent, upfront and honest with consumers. Cashwerkz is an ideal partner for us for online cash investing facilities. It’s platform is highly transparent, and it is very clear to the end investor they are achieving the best possible market rate. We look forward to our deposit products being available for access on the Cashwerkz platform when we launch later in the year,” said Steve Weston, Co-founder and CEO of Volt.

The Cashwerkz marketplace today is made up of 49 APRA-regulated banks and credits unions that offer interest terms between At Call and five years. 

A full list of daily competitive market rates from a wide range of Australia’s leading banks is available on www.cashwerkz.com.au.

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